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The Benefits of a Turnkey EV Charging Station Solution for Your Business or Facility

The global popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly growing, driven by their environmental advantages, cost savings, and convenience. Consequently, there has been a substantial increase in the demand for EV charging stations in recent years. The turnkey EV charging station is becoming the go-to solution for people interested in EV charging infrastructure. This blog will explain what you need to know about turnkey EV charging stations.

What Is a Turnkey EV Charging Station:

A turnkey EV charging station is an all-in-one solution that includes everything necessary to install and operate an EV charging station. Turnkey means that the station is ready to operate off the shelf and that all the installation work is already completed before delivery. These stations come equipped with the hardware, software, and network services necessary for monitoring and managing EV charging. 

Benefits of Turnkey EV Charging Stations:

The idea of addressing every contingency in one convenient package is one of the primary benefits of the turnkey charging system. Other benefits include:

Types of turnkey EV charging stations:

Different types of turnkey EV charging stations are available on the market. Some can handle Level 2 charging, while others can accommodate Level 3 DC fast charging. Some stations provide AC charging, while others provide DC charging. Additionally, different EV charging station manufacturers have developed their own proprietary charging cords, making compatibility crucial. 

Installation and Maintenance of Turnkey EV Charging Stations:

As mentioned earlier, a turnkey charging system can include design, permitting, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Deployment generally commences with site selection, followed by activation, and then operation. The process of installing a turnkey charging station and ensuring that it meets all safety requirements falls under a licensed electrician. Since maintenance is an essential function of the installation, the right installation approach must be chosen to prevent maintenance-related issues. 

As the popularity of EVs increases, so does the demand for a safe and convenient place to recharge them. Turnkey EV charging stations are providing a workable solution for many businesses, workplaces, or residents who wish to offer EV charging dispensing services to the public or their clients. The benefits of a turnkey charging system extend from the ease of installation and reduced costs to scalability. If you own a business or manage a facility and are considering an EV charging station for your customers or employees, consider a turnkey charging station.

For more information on turnkey EV charging stations, contact a professional near you.