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Why You Should Rely on Propane Delivery During the Pandemic

Under normal circumstances, if you need propane, going out to the store and picking it up yourself is one option. However, during the COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown, it's recommended that you not go anywhere you don't absolutely have to. While going out for propane might have been a necessity at one time, thanks to propane delivery services, it no longer is.

Here's why you should consider staying home and requesting propane delivery instead of going out to get it yourself.

Going Out = Exposure to People

The biggest danger to your health right now is other people. Anyone can potentially have the coronavirus and transmit it to others just by sharing the air that they're breathing. To make matters worse, some people who contract the coronavirus have no symptoms but can still transmit it to others. So you can't even feel safe around people who seem like they're perfectly fine. This is exactly why the coronavirus lockdowns have been enacted, so it's definitely safer for you to stay home.

Propane Tanks May Not Be Safe

While some bacteria and viruses only survive for a matter of hours or even minutes on surfaces, the coronavirus has been shown to last a long time on hard surfaces. This means that if you go to a store to trade in your propane tank and come away with another one that was traded in by someone else, you might end up contracting the illness just from handling the propane tank.

Getting it Delivered

Ordering propane delivery these days is easy. You can do it over the phone or the internet, depending on your needs.

When your propane delivery person arrives, they'll either bring a fresh tank for you or will fill up your tank from their truck directly. This means that you don't have to touch anything or come directly in contact with anyone, so your safety will increase dramatically.

If you want to minimize contact even further, you can pay in advance and thereby avoid needing to hand over cash or a credit card to your propane serviceman. This is better for the both of you, and the company will be happy to take advance payment so they're likely to agree to it.

Until the coronavirus blows over, people need to rethink their routines, and that includes getting propane. Don't go out and risk your health and the health of those you love who live with you. Sign up for propane delivery and stay safe.