Energy Keeps You Going

Why LED Light Panels Are The Smart Choice

As technology gets faster, more efficient, and smoother in design, LED is often used over incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights in many residential and professional properties. The advantages are numerous. While LED may cost more upfront, they more than repay themselves with their efficiency and resilience. If you haven't made the switch, then here is a breakdown of how this choice will benefit you in the long run.

Energy Efficient

Hands down, a LED light panel will outperform fluorescent light bulbs. Many LEDs have a life span of over 50,000 hours. If the light is used, on average, eight hours a day, it should last about seventeen years. Compared to a typical incandescent bulb, that is about fifty times longer.

Not only do LED light panels last longer than your typical fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, but they require less wattage to run. On average, with a single bulb, LED requires 8 watts to run while an incandescent bulb requires 60 watts. You start accumulating the savings with LED light panels as soon as you start using them.

Design With Ease

A LED light panel has the design flexibility to accommodate those hard to reach places, whether they be in a ceiling, in the backsplash behind a bar, or to illuminate a sign. The thin and adaptable design of LED light panels makes them a smart choice with a variety of design options.

They also come with the strength and durability to work in a variety of environments. LED light panels are resilient to a variety of temperatures and humidity. They are sturdier than their predecessors, the fluorescent lights, and are hence a great choice for those difficult areas.

Quality of Light

As LED technology has improved, so has the quality of light emitted. It has a wide range of colors and dimming capabilities. It emits light for 180 degrees, instead of incandescent lights which emit in 360 degrees. The benefit is that the LED light is focused in one direction instead of lighting in every direction around the bulb and wasting energy.

LED light panels have increased in popularity and use. It is proven time and time again that they are the financially and environmentally smart choice. Not only do they save energy, they save you money. Plus with the design capabilities, they can fit almost anywhere. The benefits of LED light panels make them the obvious choice for your lighting needs.